blogs, tranparency and Super Bowl

I am always curiously fascinated to learn about the mental state and the thought process of high achievers at crucial times. I want to know the thoughts going on in Bill Gates’s mind, just before meeting the IBM folks for the first time to pitch his software. I want to know the thoughts in Dale Earnhardt’s mind, before a critical Nascar race. I want to know the thoughts in a NFL quaterback’s mind just before the Super Bowl. I haven’t been able to find out the first two thoughts, but I’ve gotten an insight into a quaterback’s mind, just before the Super Bowl and it has been amazing.

While I aKintanshaunalexanderm an ardent fan of Seattle Seahawks (see picture with MVP Shaun Alexander), I am blown away by the transparent approach taken by Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburg Steelers. After closely following Ben’s blog for a week, I’ve became a   of Ben and the Steelers (I still want the Seahawks to win, but I don’t hate the Steelers). Had it not been for Ben’s blog, I would have never found out the exciting inside details about a NFL team that has made it to the Super Bowl, on the eve of the big game.

I would have never indulged in my personal sports intersts, but there is a very important phenomenon here that I want to point out. Blogs have proven that they do provide super-effective means for evangelizing anything through two-way conversations with the target market. Each post on Ben’s blog have gotten many more replies than an average blog post, in the last week. Ben’s is leveraging his blog’s popularity to evangelize his entrepreneurial ventures (sports memorabilia and BBQ sauce).

Just being transparent about anything can certainly create loyal customers, users, partners and now fans too!

Let’s blog it.