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Why do I keep coming back to my blog?

After sincere efforts to slack away from blogging due to other "work" priorities, I still keep coming back to blog. I want to thank everyone who’ve scrapped on my Orkut account, who’ve  sent me a Facebook message, who’ve emailed me, and who’ve told me in person to start blogging again.

Easiest things to blog about are the things that are already on my mind. I love to think and talk about everything in terms of three (so the title : technology, entrepreneurship and design – the three things that matter to me.)

I’ve spent the summer in extensive reading and meeting several thought leaders to discover top three things that will matter in the next five years and that I am passionate about. I’ve gone on long hikes (Mt. Rainier and Mt. Whitney), spent countless hours in one of my favorite Seattle coffee shops – Zoka and brainstormed with multiple thinkers, I’ve realized that I’m most passionate about the following:

1. Unified Communications (which are the killer applications?)

2. Healthcare (why can’t we solve it?)

3. Software As a Service/Enterprise Web 2.0 (super broad term, still trying to narrow down the scope!)

I’ll learn more, do a deeper analysis of these three areas and decide as to which areas offer the most opportunities? Expect more about these three areas in the coming weeks.

The uber theme of technology, entrepreneurship and design still lives. I’ve been playing with the new Zune over the last two days (sorry no pictures). I’ll share my first impressions next.

Which three areas are you going to invest your thought capital in the next five years?

Let’s make a bang.


3 thoughts on “trends : top three things on my mind

  1. Zune

    Microsoft has set the price for the iPod like device called the Zune. It will start out at $249.99 and songs will be $.99 each. The Microsoft Zune holds 30 gigabytes of music. You can purchase the Zune on its release date, November 14, 2006.

  2. Work priorities very often displace blogging. Sad! It is so nice to read comments, learn something new from your readers, and simply find new ones. Good luck!

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