The art of recruiting a star team in a startup

I tend to hang out with a bunch of entrepreneurs, just for the kicks. One of the most critical concerns amongst my entrepreneur friends has been "recruiting star team members/partners for their startup." To address this and several other practical concerns of entrepreneurship, I’ve initiated a regular idea-sharing medium amongst pro and budding entrepreneurs in the Seattle area. With the help of TiE, I am starting a special interest group(SIG) on entrepreneurship. Here’s the invite for the first gathering..

SIG |Entrepreneurship:

The Art of recruiting a star team in a startup

(A TiE-member only event)

The art of recruiting is the purest form of evangelism because you’re not simply asking people to try your product, buy your product, or partner with you. Instead, you are asking them to bet their lives on your organization. Can it get any scarier for them, and tougher for you, than this? said Guy Kawasaki on recruiting. The first few employees/partners/team members determine the core DNA of a startup and greatly influence the fate of the venture. Recruiting first employees/partners is typically the most important decision that an entrepreneur makes during the early stage. We will discuss experiences on:

  1. Three simple criteria for recruiting

a.       Recruit better than yourself

b.      Hire infected people

c.       Bellevue Square Shopping Center Test for recruiting

  1. Five failure-proof steps to recruit super stars

a.       Sell all decision makers

b.      Wait to compensate, don’t start with the offer letter

c.       Don’t assume you’re done, after the offer is accepted

d.      Convince, how you can change the world together

e.      Use all your weapons

  1. Three things you’ll pay the lawyers for:

a.       Deciding: Hire a full time employee vs contractor vs outsource

b.      Sell your vision without giving away intellectual property

c.       Compensation details, stock options, vesting period and more

Guru Panelists:
Vijay Vashee, TiE Chairman

Shirish Nadkarni, TiE Charter Member and Entrepreneur

James Sanders, Partner and Attorney, Perkins Coie

Host :
Kintan Brahmbhatt, Moderator and Entrepreneurship SIG Chair

About Entrepreneurship SIG:

What is Entrepreneurship Special Interest Group (SIG):

A TiE-exclusive forum for serious entrepreneurs to share and learn pragmatic entrepreneurship.

Core Activities:

The TiE Seattle entrepreneurship SIG chair plans to organize meetings/discussions on a practical facet of entrepreneurship, where entrepreneurs and thought leaders will share and learn pragmatic entrepreneurship from each other’s experiences. TiE


will also invite seasoned entrepreneurship gurus to share their views and experiences with fellow entrepreneurs.

These meetings will be highly participatory and all attendees are expected to participate and share their experiences.

You may register here, if you want to share your thoughts with the thought leaders.

Thursday, October 19th, 6-8 PM in Microsoft Cafe 34, Redmond, WA 98052

Let’s recruit.


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