October is the "Giving" month at Microsoft. Everyone from a college hire to a VP is excited about "Giving" back to the communities and changing the world. One of the most commendable perks of working at Microsoft is the chance to make a significant socio-economic impact on the world through generous culture within the company. Microsoft employees donate more hours and dollars than any other large company in the world. What is even better is that Microsoft matches dollar for dollar for up to $12,000 worth of donations per employee per year. It gets even better – for every hour that an employee spends in volunteering, Microsoft matches the time by donating $17 per hour spent by an employee to a non-profit organization.

I had read much about philanthropy and seen it first hand in my family, but never really got an opportunity to donate much of my own money or time.

This year was different. I discovered the power of microfinance, through a visionary mentor – Mike Murray and things changed. I spent few months to learn the concept and study the results. What attracts me to microfinance is its enormous potential to eradicate poverty through entrepreneurship.

I am thankful to my friends, who’ve joined me in evangelizing the potential impact of microfinance and especially the work done by Unitus. I’m also thankful to Kristi Heim at Seattle Times, who is helping spread the word of microfinance. Kristi says, Seattle may shape Microfinance 2.0

Let’s eradicate poverty..


check out: Unitusvideo

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