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One of my favorite conferences TED, recently announced the theme for their next conference TED 2008. TED focuses on looking at key subjects from a holistic perspective, involving people you would typically not associate with those subjects along with the usual suspects.

Next year’s theme is intriguingly ambitious. TED will attempt to answer bigger questions of life:

(from TED’s website)

  • Who are We? (the extraordinary tale of homo sapiens… Answers provided by a paleontologist, a historian, an evolutionary psychologist and a story-teller.)
  • What is our place in the Universe? (answers from a theoretical physicist, an astronomer searching for extra-terrestrial life, a religious mystic and a humorist)
  • What is Art? — is beauty just a human invention? (an anthropologist, a painter, a sculptor, and a museum curator)
  • What is Love — and why are we so bad at it? (a neurologist, a musician, a novelist, and a sex therapist)
  • What is Evil? — and how do we fight it? (a moral philosopher, a war-correspondent, a terrorism expert, and a human rights campaigner.)
  • What are the most Gorgeous New Things being created in our world? (an architect, a boat builder, a windmill designer, a photographer, and a marine biologist)
  • Are we inadvertently creating New Forms of Life? (an AI researcher, a Web 2.0 pundit, a biochemist, a meme-theorist, a nano-technologist, and a transhumanist)
  • What are today’s most significant Cultural Trends? (a fashion designer, a technology writer, a foreign correspondent, a video-game creator and an epidemiologist)
  • What will the Future be like? (a scenario planner, an inventor, an economist, and a science fiction author)
  • What are the Problems I should be most worried about? (an asteroid hunter, a climatologist, a psychiatrist, and a statistician).
  • Who will be the next President? (Yes, it’s 2008. We’ll invite the leading candidates)
  • What will be my Legacy? (a global business leader, an environmental designer, a billionaire philanthropist, a social entrepreneur and a mother)

Let’s think and extrapolate!


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