What is the measure of true self esteem?

While fine-tuning a business plan and flipping through the latest copy of Fast Company, I asked myself, "If people are the most important assets of an organization, then how to measure ‘importance’ of a person?" From an introspective perspective, what are the measures of my/anyone’s true self esteem.

I attempted to remember writings/sayings of entrepreneurs and cool people and found answer in an old paper on effectuation, titled "What makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurial?" by Saras Sarasvathy. The measure of self esteem can be depicted in answers to three simple questions:

1. Who am I? (What are my traits, tastes and abilities)

2. What do I know? (What is my education, training, expertise and experience)

3. Who do I know? (What is my circle of influence – my social and professional network?)

I realize that at any time, I find myself working towards making the answers to these three questions, richer, more meaningful and more special. To my surprise, I validated that most cool people around me find themselves, working on the same.

Knowing answers to these three questions is indispensable for any entrepreneur and I constantly find myself prioritizing and re-prioritizing the order in which I should focus my energies on these questions. Is "Who am I?"more important than "Whom do I know?".. The quest continues..

Oh well, let’s be cognizant of what we know that we know, what we know that we don’t know and what we don’t know what we don’t know and create something extraordinary!


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