There is a new way to live in this digital world..Micr

Two years ago, when I saw something called "PlayTable" in an internal research showcase at Microsoft, I was amazed by the "WOW" factor of its simplicity and concerned that such a cool technology/prototype may go through a very less likely contentious path to market/production. I was right about the amazement and wrong about the concern.

Sometime ago, Microsoft announced an incredible, but expensive product called – Microsoft Surface.

I remember the Microsoft interview questions, especially for design, where the candidate would be asked to design the "restaurant of the future", and the really creative candidates would describe a system where people can see rich videos/pictures/recipes, etc of their favorite entree on their table in the restaurant and order the dish by just clicking on the picture. Surface literally enables that scenario in an ultra-cool way. Lot of times, I’ve heard and realized that the best user interface is "no user interface", i.e. the user should not at all feel that he/she is interacting with a particular interface/piece of software/technology. Surface is just that – simple and intuitive.

Let the digital things surface up.


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