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Very recently, I met an enterprising ex-Microsoft entrepreneur – Kalid Azad, through a common entrepreneurial friend – who has left Microsoft for entrepreneurship to join Paul Graham’s Y-Combinator.

Late last year, he had launched a deceptively simple, but powerful online application – InstaCalc, that enables users to design, use and share calculators on the web. I plan to design a few calculators for my other websites and in fact for Microsoft as well, using InstaCalc. This embodies entrepreneurial, design and technical genius..

Check out this sample calculator by typing sample numbers in the text-boxes below to see your salary converted into hourly wages, (simple app, just for illustration)..

Let’s create more of such beautiful products.


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3 thoughts on “powerful simplicity : instant calculators

  1. Hey Kintan, it was great meeting you too! InstaCalc evolved over many iterations based on user feedback (the first versions were pretty ugly). My favorite lesson would be seeing how you take a new approach to an old problem and continually refine it into something useful.
    Anyway, I’m glad you like it! Feel free to send feature requests or suggestions my way 🙂
    Ps. The calc probably won’t show up in your RSS reader, unless it supports javascript & iframes.

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