Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

D and TED are two conferences that I haven’t been able to attend and hope to attend in a year or so. As always, D

Bill Gates on Steve Jobs: "I’ve always looked at problems from an engineering perspective and Steve has looked at them as products (usable products) and that is phenomenal."

Steve Jobs on Bill Gates: "One of the greatest things for our generations is that Bill has decided NOT to be the richest person in the cemetery and change the world through his foundation."

These were two of my favorite quotes of sincere appreciation from the two rivals. Regardless of what one says, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs have had the largest impact on the technology industry and people’s lifestyle in the past two decades. They’ve demonstrated supreme forms of passion about what they love and extraordinary spirit of entrepreneurship. I would encourage you to check out the videos of Steve  Jobs and Bill Gates together on stage at D 5.

I salute them both for inspiring me in many ways.


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