Starting a company for the Indian (south Asian) market

Again a long hiatus from blogging..

After I wrote about "Can all US business models work in India?", I’ve had several insightful conversations about starting companies catering to the South Asian market (India in particular) with several friends and readers. With some inspiration from a good friend – Sumeet Solanki, we contemplated to discuss this on a more public forum and will hold a public discussion in the greater Seattle area with expert panelists through TiE, later this week. Here’s an excerpt from the event’s description..

It is no secret that the Indian, and the South Asian market in general, has been growing significantly in the past few years. Several entrepreneurs have leveraged this growth opportunity to launch products for the South Asian market. Typically the technology companies in India have focused on providing services to markets outside India. However, a recent trend has seen both entrepreneurs and large multinational companies offering new products and services for the South Asian market.   

We’ll discuss key aspects of starting a company in India to cater to the Indian market with an experienced panel of entrepreneurs, subject matter experts and consultants.   

1. Is the South Asian market ready? How big is it? How real is it?

2. Do you need to move to South Asia to start a company for their market?

3. Can you copy successful business models from the US and apply it for the Indian market?

4. What are the legal aspects of starting a company in South Asia?

5. How much and how easily accessible is venture capital for starting a company in South Asia?   

The event is on this Wednesday, September 26th in Cafe 9 in Microsoft’s Redmond campus.

Besides some examples listed above, I would love to be your proxy and discuss the issues that you would like to discuss and share it in a follow up post. Please let me know the questions that you would like to discuss through comments..



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