How many languages should you know?

I’ve been brought up in a culture, where knowing "more" languages has often been equated to the acumen of a person. I’ve always enjoyed "multilingual" and "global" aspects of products. My first company – Securamed was formed around the notion of providing multilingual health management tools and services to people.

Here I just want to share a few thoughts on designing one’s personality, with no intentions of being didactic. Despite the perception of "high acumen", I’ve always believed in the power of learning and knowing multiple languages. I’ve always enjoyed visiting places, where I don’t know the primary language and am often forced to learn parts of a new language.

My experience of learning Spanish about six or seven years ago has been very fruitful and has introduced me to a variety of extraordinary pieces of literary and art masterpieces, which I would have not known of without learning the language. Knowledge of a new language often crosses the threshold of utilitarian value and provides opportunities to learn new cultures, meet new people, enjoy newer delicacies and brag about it all.

Often times, the biggest barrier to entry had been a community of people to practise/experience the newly learned language. Learning Spanish was very easy for me, as I did it in university, where I was surrounded by a lot of Spanish-speaking students. Besides the books and audio CDs, my latest and the most useful tool for learning my next language (which happens to be French) has been LiveMocha. I enjoy its well-designed community and tools and recommend it to you.

Let’s learn a new language.

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