pecha kucha chit chat

Japanese and Japan have always inspired the world to embrace brevity for expression. Recently a designer friend of mine – August de los Reyes introduced me to a popular form of presentation called Pecha Kucha. Originally popular amongst the creative folks, it has made its forays into the business world.

Pecha Kucha (pronounced  peh chak cha) means chit chat in Japanese. It is a neat concept, where the presenter gets six minutes and forty seconds to present 20 slides (20 seconds per slide.) Having given very short presentations (and a lot of elevator pitches) in the past, I can appreciate the value added by this constraint. This is one of the rare examples where constraints actually increase the value of the creation. Constraints typically play a valuable role in design, but I’ve found them as limiting factors in most cases.

I’m forcing myself to make my next few presentations in the Pecha Kucha format. What do you think of creating a facebook app called pecha kucha?

Some interesting topics suitable for pecha kucha could be:
failed ideas
hair styles
top 20 movies
top 20 friends

Daniel Fink had an interesting article on Wired recently.

Let’s pecha kucha!!

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