designing beautiful applications

I’ve always been a BIG believer in the power of "good" design and I’ve loved facebook primarily for the effectiveness and simplicity of its design. I’ve focused last several months in researching the market as well as usage semantics of the social graph and  have been working on key monetization models for social media. In the process, I also realized that despite being a beautiful and simple social platform, facebook’s experience was polluted by certain practices (which may have been emerged as "best practices" of social media) including but not limited to forced invites, fooling the user through UI, etc.

In an attempt to bring awareness about these trends and sharing my thoughts on changing these (mis)trends, I talked at the recent facebook developers garage in Seattle earlier this month. I also used this opportunity to announce the photos-based social experience that I had been focusing on over some months. Here’s the video recording (pardon the quality):

Video: Kintan Brahmbhatt

The list of other talks from the event is listed here. After a hiatus, now I’ll be writing more on social media design, monetization, unified communications and entrepreneurship.

Let’s be social!

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