this week, I discovered Phulki

Every day, we all find out about new and cool technologies, products, designs, people, music, art…..Some of them are pretty cool and very few of them are just WOW. Every week, I’ll take some time to share the most interesting “thing” I discovered that week as a gesture of appreciation for that “thing” and getting some “karma” points..

Mike Arrington and Scoble do a phenomenal job in sharing cool startups/technologies, engadget does the same for gadgets, mocoloco does the same for designer furniture and the list goes on…I’m a fan of all of them and don’t intend to offer an alternative…It is just my way of showing appreciation for the creators of WOW things.

I learned about a simple search engine for streaming Indian music called Phulki. I love iLike (social music experience), pandora(online radio), radio – social) and imeem (friend’s playlists), but none of them cater to Indian music in particular. Phulki has a very simple UI, a powerful search and a web-based music player. The search returns results from various other online music sites and enables the users to play it on phulki’s ajax-based music player. Phulki also allows users to download the music (I don’t know how legal it is), but aggregating streaming music from various websites and playing them on a simple web-based player is pretty cool.

In the vertical space for online Indian music, several providers have attempted unsuccessfully to offer this simple functionality, but have failed pathetically. Phulki seems to have solved it, and I’ve been enjoying it for four days now, hence it gets this week’s mention.

let’s rock on!


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