2 thoughts on “Day in the life of an interview candidate at Microsoft

  1. Hey Kintan,
    I enjoy your design posts. There is a design question making rounds in the Indian interview scene these days, and I’d be glad if you can post your views on it: “How will you design the strategy for Indian cricket team, both short term and long term(next world cup)”?

  2. hey Ravi,
    Thanks for the note.
    Strategy is an overloaded term and the question is broad. Ideal way to approach this would be to try and narrow down the question and asking the interviewer as to what he/she means by “strategy”
    Batting strategy? Bowling strategy? Leadership strategy? Why do we need to design the strategy – is the current strategy not working?
    – essentially probe enough to narrow down the question and then answer accordingly..
    hope it helps.

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