Why I blog?

A friend recently asked me – why I blog? Simple answer - I get to connect with several like-minded people by sharing my thoughts. I've met several folks from around the world who are now my very good friends. Here's one of the recent mails I received from a reader. Messages like this makes it worthwhile to blog and share ideas.


Hello Kintan,

I am currently pursuing Masters in Information Management from University of Washington, Seattle. I have been a follower of your blog for a very long time and I really appreciate your taking time out to write about Program Management.

Your blog was one of the reason, I applied for the PM position at Microsoft and I actually crossed the initial screening. I will be on Microsoft Campus very soon for the on site interviewing.

I need your suggestion on designing in particularly "software". I understood the concept of designing the "physical objects" like a kitchen, or a building. But while thinking of designing a software, I wanted to know whether the interviewer means the UML design (like the way it is given in OO Design Patterns by Gang of 4) of the software or something else. And what modifications will you suggest in your "design template" specifically for Software.

Looking forward to your reply.