Awesome products connect with users through words

In addition to being useful, usable and delightful, great products converse with their users to form a interesting bond. Language, vocabulary and tone of this conversation informs the interestingness of this bond. Awesome product creators are also master story tellers and they tell powerful stories through their products. I’ve often felt connected to the stories of my favorite products and have curiously dived deeper to study the words used to tell these stories.

These ten brands use powerful and intriguing words in their copy.

  1. Google: I’m feeling lucky
  2. Pinterest : A few (million) of your favorite things
  3. Path : Share life with the ones you love
  4. Macbook Air: Powerful enough to carry you through the day. With so little to
    actually carry.
  5. Spotify: Soundtrack your life
  6. Chipotle: There’s a burrito in your iphone.
  7. Nike Fuelband: Life is a sport. Make it count.
    Nike FuelBand
  8. Fab: Smile, you’re designed to.
  9. Cupidtino: *pegged to the price of a venti mocha lite in Cupertino Starbucks.
  10. TrunkClub: Become the best-dressed guy in the room
    Trunk Club

What brands use words that stir your soul?


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