Why will Shyp succeed?

Shyp is my most recent investment. In addition to a founding team full of hustle, who have built an unbelievably elegant service, Shyp demonstrates many signs of an effective marketplace. I’ve studied and experimented with various marketplaces for over 10 years, since my failed attempt to build Securamed – a ‘reverse-auction’ marketplace for health insurance in 2001. I’ve found Bill Gurley‘s framework on evaluating marketplaces quite useful and decided to score Shyp on factors outlined by Bill.


If you are in San Francisco and want to check out Shyp, send me a tweet.

Onwards to see the marketplace evolve!


One thought on “Why will Shyp succeed?

  1. Let’s hope that you’re right about us succeeding Kintan! The signs look good, but it’s all about execution now to take advantage of these positive signals.

    Great having you on board.

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